CPU Clock Speed VS Amount of Cores

Hi there everyone,

I currently have a VPS that is hosting approximately 50 cPanel accounts (WordPress sites), and I want to upgrade to a dedicated to host more accounts/WordPress sites.

My question is, what should I focus on: Higher clock speed, or lower clock speed but more cores?


1. Intel Xeon E3-1240 V6 (3.70GHz 8MB Cache) w 32GB DDR4 RAM [4 cores]
2. 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 (2.50GHz 15MB Cache) w 32GB DDR3 RAM [2x8 = 16 cores]

I can't figure it out. The more I Google it, the more confused I get.

Or should I just get a second VPS? The stats for my current VPS is 6 cores @ 2.60 gHz.

Thanks in advance!

PS. Some of the WordPress sites have minimal traffic if any at all, and some have 5k unique visitors per day. Cloudflare and caching is being used on all of them.

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12 Cores CPU VPS vs 8 cores CPU dedicated server?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a new server for my web hosting company and really interested in Vultr HF 12cores CPU vs Vultr Bare Metal 8cores/16 threads @3.7GHZ.

I have always used their VPS and have been happy with it so far, from RAM/ storage + internet speed pov, it seems Vultr Bare metal provides better value compared to their HF lineup.

Would 8 cores dedicated CPU outperformance a 12 cores vcpu? for web hosting? Assuming both hosting the same amount/ type of wordpress site?

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks everyone.

What makes a server fast? And what is best dedicated managed Cpanel server under 180$?

Not sure if this is the right category.. I want to know what makes a server speedy. My issue is, I tried about 6 servers the last 6 months.

Reseller Hostmantis (5$ a month)
VPS cloudcone 10 core 16 GB ram (50$) a month + cpanel (15$) + litespeed (30$) a month
VPS from a dutch guy, 8 core, 16GB ram, directadmin (70 a month)
Cloudcone VPS: 10 cores, 60GB ram, Cpanel + litespeed = like 70 a month).
Wpprovider (claims to have to fastest dutch hosting): 25,- a month.
Neostrada magento hosting (6 core, 8GB ram, cpanel = 20,- a month)

Believe it or not, but the freaking 5$ per month SHARED (!!!!) RESELLER (!!!!!) is the fastest of them all. And I really don't understand how that is possible. Is there anybody who can explain to me what makes a server fast? First I thought it was litespeed, so i bought a litespeed license for by VPS'ses. Then I thought it was the lack of RAM, so i went to Contabo with 60 freaking GB of ram WITH litespeed. And even that is slower if I 1:1 compare it with a 100% duplicated site on that Hostmantis reseller package...

Then a guy from Asia who tried to improve the pagespeed for a webshop copied the site to his dedicated server and the results were INSANELY fast. I asked him his config and he said:

2 X Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650
32 Cores
64 GB ram
2 X SSD Drive

He said he didn't had Litespeed, only Memcache installed.

Is there anybody who can tell me what makes a server fast? Is it the RAM? the CPU? The managing? The location? The LITEspeed/Memcached/Redis? And when does it make sense to get a Dedicated server instead of a VPS?

About me: As side job I build websites. Most of them very easy, 3 page wordpress sites with no visitors. I host about 60. They don't really care about speed, cause they are happy if there are There are some bigger clients (3 with a woocommerce webshop, 1 with a magento webshop) for which speed IS important.

What I would like is
THE FASTEST Server possible for my amount
At least 500GB SSD storage
Backups remotely (and something like JEtbackup)
Cpanel + WHM (100 accounts)
Budget: Under like 180$ for all (if that is anyway possible).

Looking for some suggestions regarding CPU selection

I am planning to upgrade my current, very old server (Dual E5-2430 Xeons, 12 cores/24 HT with SATA SSDs) which has been doing duty as a shared hosting server for around 400 websites. Have noticed slow website loading times. 95% sites are using PHP/MySQL(Wordpress).

From the time I got the server and now, so many new CPUs have come out and looks like the xeon e3/e5 lines have been discontinued. Dual scalable silver/gold xeon servers are out of my budget, so the only alternative is a E-2288G or a W-1290P (more interested in this one) xeon with NVMe drives. Passmark scores for these servers are much higher than my current one, but moving to these new servers will mean a downgrade in the number of cores.

Looking for some personal experiences with these E-2288G/W-1290P CPUs, so that I am not actually getting a downgrade by changing servers.

I don't need more than 64GB of RAM and a 2x2TB NVMe SSD is fine.

Looking for a dedicated server to run my Email Marketing business

I am in need of a dedicated server for my business which will be running a white-label version of Mailwizz.

The amount of clients is approx 25 and growing daily.

These clients run various websites, blogs, membership clubs, create courses etc etc..

They have email lists that range anywhere between 5k to 500k subscribers.

The server I need WILL NOT be in charge of sending email to these lists. It's main purpose is housing the self-hosted email marketing application Mailwizz.

I am looking for a quality host that can handle the following requirements to run Mailwizz:
- Linux operating system
- Apache/Nginx webserver
- PHP >= 5.2
- MySQL/MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine
- Cron Jobs access (linux crons not web crons please)

My budget is around $150-200/mo for a single dedicated CPU. I can allocate more of a budget if you think dual cpu is necessary.

I have these in mind:

MOJOHOST FAST E3-2: Xeon 4 Cores 8 Threads, 2 Storage Bays - $159
E3 Intel Xeon CPU
4/8/8M Cores/Threads/Cache
3.2/3.9 Gigahertz (min/max)
16 GB DDR3 1600 ECC RAM
(2) 1 TB Enterprise HDD Storage
(2) Total Drive Bays
1,000 Megabit WAN Uplink
1,000 Megabit LAN Uplink
25,000 GB Included Transfer
.01 Cost per GB Over

MOJOHOST FAST E3-6: Xeon 4 Cores 8 Threads, 6 Storage Bays - $199
E3 Intel Xeon CPU
4/8/8M Cores/Threads/Cache
3.2/3.9 Gigahertz (min/max)
16 GB DDR3 1600 ECC RAM
(4) 1 TB Enterprise HDD Storage
RAID CARD Optional
(6) Total Drive Bays
1,000 Megabit WAN Uplink
1,000 Megabit LAN Uplink
25,000 GB Included Transfer
.01 Cost per GB Over

Intel 2276G
6 cores, 12 threads
32 GB
480G SSD or 2TB HDD
40 TB

I am even considering a Ryzen setup from either ProlimeHost or Hivelocity which has servers using EPYC. Although I am not sure if it's wise to go with consumer-grade hardware for this setup?

This is the one from ProlimeHost:
AMD Ryzen 3700x
8 cores 16 threads
64 GB
480G SSD or 2TB HDD
40 TB

DatabaseByDesignLLC also has a special going on for a dual cpu server with 96gb ram although they are using an older X5560 cpu.

Not sure if that's too outdated though...

96GB + SSD Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Specifications:
Dual Quad Core
96GB ECC DDR3 Memory
1x 240GB SSD
1Gbps Public Network Port
100TB Premium Bandwidth
1 Public IPv4 Address
Remote Access Card (IPMI)

Dual Xeon Silver 4214 CPU's enough for 6 Virtual Machines?

I want to run 6 virtual machines at the same (windows 10 will be installed on all of them)

Each Silver 4124 has 12 cores (2.2GHz) so two equals 24 cores total. Each VM will be assigned 4 cores and 8 GB of ram.
Will the VM's run smooth? I want to run a game client on each VM.

For reference, I have a :
VM with 2 cores, 2.6GHz
VM with 2 cores, 2.7GHz
Both of these are able to get the job done running the game client.

How to choose right server configuration


I am tasked to purchase a new server for our network. Basically the idea is to consolidate 2 servers with VMs into one more powerful server.
Current configuration is 2xE5-2680v4 with 128GB ram per server.

I am thinking about something like AMD Epyc 7702P with 256GB of memory, but I am not completely sure about it. Yes, this server has lots of cores, but the base clock speed of this CPU is lower than what we currently have.
I did some research and this CPU seems to be more powerful compared on a sheet, but is it on reality?

We are mainly using those servers for hosting our websites, some big databases. My question is do you think we will see significant performance increase if we do this upgrade, beside saving some money on datacenter costs (consolidating 4U into 1U server)?

Should I invest in Xeon E* Gold, Silver or AMD Ryzen servers? Please help

I'm investing in the system to run the automated tool in the browser, I'm wondering the following problems, hope you can help me.
The servers I'll be running Promox on create multiple Windows 2012 VMs.

Should I buy XEON E* series servers or Xeon Sliver, Xeon Gold, Or AMD Ryzen.. ? I am targeting server rental units like Hetzner, Workldstream.

The purpose of each Promox server is to create many VMs, so when buying a server I need to pay attention to core theard ?

The intel and AMD lines have different number of cores and theards which confuses me
Each VM I will create is 1 socket, 2 cores, 5G ram.

Should I buy low CPU lines to have more cores instead of buying a powerful server with only a few dozen cores for example?
Looking forward to just replying. So that I can optimize costs and improve performance.

Here is the %CPU image I will be running, currently I am on a Hetzner server. Please advise, With the tool % cpu and ram I am running like this, which server should I invest in to be able to create the most VMs to optimize costs.
Image: https://i.imgur.com/z8in1cj.png

Thank you

What can I do with more RAM

So, I have a dedicated server with 32GB of Ram, Currently I have WHM with 180 accounts. I can upgrade my server to 128GB because inmunify web shield is offline for not having enought RAM. Currently my server is at 80% of Ram use. What Can I do to improve the speed of my sites using more RAM? I read solutions like RailGun can make a difference

Trouble with Setting Up VPS Correctly on Ryzen Dedicated Server

Hi all,

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum; had trouble deciding whether to put it here or in the VPS forum.

I am running to some trouble with trying to properly expose a particular CPU topology to a VPS on a CentOS 8 server running KVM and Virtualizor, and was hoping you might be able to help. Not sure if I am doing something wrong and/or not understanding something.

I have an AMD Ryzen 5600X dedicated server with 6 cores and 12 threads. I created a VPS to which I am trying to assign 8 VCPUs (4 cores with 2 threads per core for a total of 8 threads). In Virtualizor, I set CPU units to 1000, CPU cores to 8, and CPU percent to 800. I then select the CPU topology option and specify 1 for sockets, 4 for cores and 2 for threads. CPU mode is host-passthrough. However, when using the lscpu command within the VPS or when checking /proc/cpuinfo, the topology shows up as 1 socket, 8 cores and only 1 thread per core. Does anyone know why this is? Would this affect performance within the VPS at all (that is, are applications not able to take advantage of hyperthreading, or does it even matter that the topology shows up this way)? The topology shows up as expected on an Intel E-2136 server that I tested on, so not sure what the difference is here.

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

Welp, Guess I need a Managed Dedicated Server Provider...who do you recommend?

This current admin company is driving me insane! They are literally making my server worse...

I have lost so much money in production time of not being able to develop websites!

This sever is for basic business sites.

So I am moving this server from dedicated self-managed (with 3rd party admin) and now need a fully managed server.

This is just to host multiple websites. so we very rarely have issues on the server.

I need cpanel/whm

I am used to having multiple processors with multiple cores, but they are quite old, so maybe the more powerful processors can beat it?

It's an old server but has been a workhorse for development with no real issues.

i'd like the equivalent or better. Ideally under $200 month ($150 would be great!)

-- is this even possible?

who do you recommend? Any black friday/cyber Monday specials?

--------current server specs---
Intel 2x L5630
Dedicated Server
Operating System: cPanel/WHM (CentOS 7 x64)
Bandwidth: 20TB on 1Gbps Port
Service Title: Intel 2x L5630
Service Options: Service Plan: Intel 2x Xeon L5630 Westmere 4-Core Dell Node
Operating System: Linux- CentOS 64-bit with cPanel/WHM 64-bit
Hard Drive 1: 500GB HDD
Hard Drive 2: None (+$0.00)
Hard Drive 3: None (+$0.00)
Hard Drive 4: None (+$0.00)
Hard Drive 5: None (+$0.00)
Hard Drive 6: None (+$0.00)
Raid Card- LSI 9260-8i 6G w/ 512MB Cache: Included / No Raid (+$0.00)
Power Supply: Dual Power (+$0.00)
RAM: 24GB (+$0.00)
Bandwidth: 20.0TB on 1Gbps Port (+$0.00)
IPv4 Addresses: 5 Usable (/29) (+$0.00)