looking for - Massive storage servers - 800 TB

Looking for dedis with:

Gold 6130 (or similar)
JBOD with 66x12TB SAS
2xLSI MegaRaid 9480-8i8e with BBU
HW Raid10,
the usable disk space will be 396TB.
4Gbps dedicated unmetered burstable to 20Gbps
Netherlands (other places in Europe could also be fine if latency test will show good results)



2 x Xeon gold 6133 (or similar)
64 GB Ram
10 Gbps unmetered

and / or

2 x Xeon gold 6133 (or similar)
64 GB Ram
10 Gbps unmetered

in NL

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Looking to get same deal we have now at another DC (30 Gbps and many Nvme SSD drives)

We currently have:

3 servers in EU

specs for each:
CPU: 2x Xeon Silver 4114 CPU
RAM: 120 GB ram
10 Gbps unmetered dedicated (per server , total 30 Gbps)

current cost - 4500$ per month for all 3.

We are looking for the exact same setup at another DC in Western Europe, DE,NL,UK would be ideal.
can compromise on CPU / RAM if it will help reaching this price, as its less relevant for our usage.


BYOIP / BGP sessions, server in LA region?

Hi, I'm looking to bring my rented /32 v6 IP space onto a datacenter (routed, announced by their network since I don't have an ASN) located in Los Angeles. I was using Vultr for over a year, but they kicked me off for excessive bandwidth usage... So I need a provider with unmetered bandwidth, either 4 (4 core) servers with 1 GBPS unmetered ports, or a single server with 16 cores or higher and a 5 GBPS+ unmetered port (with my prefixes routed to them, I can try to do the BGP sessions myself if necessary). If you can recommend a provider who can do this for me, let me know. Please be aware that I will be using a lot of bandwidth 24/7, with a lot of open connections. Bare metal/dedicated servers are fine. $500-$600/mo budget, preferably less. We can test it out for a day (I can pay a little in advance which can be kept it even if it doesn't work out) if it's necessary to check if it'll put too much stress on their edge router.

So far I've contacted several providers on bgp.services trying to find someone who can do this, but the ones that have replied so far aren't in my preferred region and are pretty expensive. I also posted on reddit, and they told me to post here.

Looking for USA Dedicated Server

Hey all,

I'm looking for suggestions for a new dedicated servers based East Coast USA, all my servers are European based so I don't know any good US based server companies. I'm in need of a server with

Atleast a 6c/12t CPU /Intel Xeon etc
Between 64GB & 128GB RAM
1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth
4TB Storeage (either 1x4TG or 2x2TB merged)
Ubuntu 18.04 OS (custom software for clients demands 18.04)

So suggestions welcome, but please no OVH or Hetzner suggestions as I don't use them, had bad experiences with both.


Looking for some suggestions regarding CPU selection

I am planning to upgrade my current, very old server (Dual E5-2430 Xeons, 12 cores/24 HT with SATA SSDs) which has been doing duty as a shared hosting server for around 400 websites. Have noticed slow website loading times. 95% sites are using PHP/MySQL(Wordpress).

From the time I got the server and now, so many new CPUs have come out and looks like the xeon e3/e5 lines have been discontinued. Dual scalable silver/gold xeon servers are out of my budget, so the only alternative is a E-2288G or a W-1290P (more interested in this one) xeon with NVMe drives. Passmark scores for these servers are much higher than my current one, but moving to these new servers will mean a downgrade in the number of cores.

Looking for some personal experiences with these E-2288G/W-1290P CPUs, so that I am not actually getting a downgrade by changing servers.

I don't need more than 64GB of RAM and a 2x2TB NVMe SSD is fine.

Intel Xeon Gold CPUs

Do you know this Intel Xeon Gold processor?
We recently received a request for quote a dedicated cloud server with this CPU
but it seems that they are not available in Amazon EC2, so I was wondering if they are available elsewhere

Hetzner Dedicated Server

an guy providing me hetzner dedicated server at 6800INR ( 76.91 EURO ) ( 93.22 USD )
here is configuration :-
-Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (3.8 ghz,boostable upto 4.5 ghz) (8 threads)
-ipv4 1 ip
-ipv6 (/64 subnet)
-Ram: 64 GB(ECC DDR4)
-Storage: 2x 512 GB high speed NVME SSD(m.2) (700mbps - 1.5gbps) (software raid included)
Port speed: dedicated 1GBps(unmetered)
- NIC 1 Gbit - Intel I210 (network controller)
Location :- Germany

i want the same server from hetzner directly. i searched in server auction but NIC is I219 did not find I210
anyone could tell is I219 is better than I210 or not? i am newbie
and the configuration he sent same config is available in hetzner or not?
and that guy said he have rack from hetzner, what about it??

i am asking in forum because i can get more knowledge and explaination here

please share your replies.

Can this dedicated server handle bigbluebutton?

Hello, I am looking for a good server to run bigbluebutton on.
There will be max 400 users active at the same time.

I was thinking of these dedicated servers:


- CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2690 (or E5-2690v2)
- 64GB 10600R ECC Registered 4x 16GB
- Raid controller Dell PERC H310
- 1Gbit/s up and down
- 2x 1TB SSD


- CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2690v4
- 64GB DDR4
- Raid controller Dell PERC H310
- 1Gbit/s up and down
- 2x 1TB SSD

Can the Dedi-1 server with the E5-2690 handle this?
If you have a other suggestion please let me know. But the CPU needs to be from the Xeon E5 Family.

Best method to connect 24 SSDs for software RAID?


I have been using 3108 RAID controllers with supermicro servers for a long time.
It works fine.

However, due to the increase in SSD performance, I was always aware that software RAID will probably be better in performance along with some filesystems such as ZFS having additional unique advantages.
So I am finally considering making the leap from hardware RAID to software RAID, especially since NVME drives from what I know don't even have hardware RAID support.

In the past when connecting many drives I noticed I have to setup each signle drive as a RAID 0 through the RAID card, which I think would decrease performance.

So I have to questions regarding best method to connect 24 SSDs for software RAID?

What is the standard way of connecting 24 SATA SSDs to a storage server and use each drive individually and/or setup as software raid?
From what I know a RAID card such as 3108 is usually needed to connect so many drives to the mainboard.

How does 24 nvme drives work in Storage servers that support it? Does mainboard have shared PCIe lanes that are connected with the nvme drives?

Thank you.

Looking for online.net reseller

Urgently needed 4 dedicated servers + ipmi

Intel Xeon E3-1220 or 1230
STORAGE: 1TB hdd or 250gb ssd (it doesn't matter)
Unmetered @ 1Gbps

Please suggest me a reseller who can install the servers today

10 Gbps Server Settings and Nginx Config

Hello All,

I recently upgraded a dedicated server I have with Hivelocity in their Tampa 2 datacenter to 10 Gbps networking and I'm having a hard time getting anything above 1.5 Gbps out of the server. I have been searching and trying different settings with Nginx for 2 days with no luck on improving the situation and support has not been very helpful with this one. We did a iperf test a couple times and they only got 750 Mbps to there speedtest server which I thought was odd.

Does anyone who has experience with 10 Gig networking have any tips I could try for Nginx or server OS optimizations? The server is serving a 300 Mb static file (that is downloaded in 5 threads at once) for the most part and needs to handle downloads from it of about 3000 Mbps (Verizon Ultrawideband). The server is a Six Core Xeon with 32GB of ram and 512GB NVMe SSD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.