Looking for dedicated in France 50$-200$

Hi I am looking for a server rental provider in France, but not OVH, and Online.net (I am using, but I want to find new services)
The lowest price for a server from 50$->200$
Bandwidth >=200mbs
Thanks in advance for any direction you can offer.

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Ryzen Dedicated in US/Canada with reasonable bandwidth

I'm from Europe and looking at most offers in the north America, they all seem to have pretty limiting bandwidth or outrageous costs compared to European providers.

For the price of a Hetzner Ryzen 5 3600 box, best I could find with higher bandwidth limits (>100TB) was so long ago that I forgot from whom the offer even was, but I remember it was an i3... an i3 in a server for the same cost as the Ryzen 5 in EU.
I'm aware how different the marker and costs are compared to these two regions, but there must be some providers that offer more bandwidth for the price, right?

Is anyone able to point me to something that I can trust to be reliable meanwhile now blowing my wallet out into space.
At this point I'm looking for anything with appropriate specs (Ryzen 5 or newer Xeons), ~64GB RAM, >100TB transfer, 512-1TB SSD, optionally maybe an option for more IPs for not a lot of money? (>2$ per IP is too much for me)
My max budget would be ~50$-65$, that's what I'm aiming for.

Thanks in advance!

Which are the best dedicated server providers in UAE?

I am planning to purchase a dedicated server to virtualize with proxmox. I have gone through OVH and hetzner plans but I was more attracted to online.net (scaleway dedibox) better than the first two. Have anyone used online.net dedicated servers over UAE location? How is the speed? Please let me know which of these companies will be providing the best server and if you have any better suggestion (within the price range of these companies).

Any of these providers does not have any DC in UAE or GCC. As such, please do let me know the DC location to be selected along with the server provider.

Looking for UK dedicated providers to run Proxmox cluster

Hi there!

I currently have 3 Proxmox servers in a cluster with OVH, but their customer service is shocking to say the least.

I've been trying to find a similar provider, but I can't find anything near as comparable for the price/spec I'm after.

The spec for each server is:

AMD Epyc 7351P - 16c/32t - 2.4 GHz/2.9 GHz
256 GB ECC 2400 MHz
2500 GB SSD NVMe
UK (This is a must)
Proxmox VE 6

I don't need any managed services, just access to the bare metal.

Can anyone recommend a provider who can provide me with a similar spec and price to these? I currently pay around £200/month per server.


BYOIP / BGP sessions, server in LA region?

Hi, I'm looking to bring my rented /32 v6 IP space onto a datacenter (routed, announced by their network since I don't have an ASN) located in Los Angeles. I was using Vultr for over a year, but they kicked me off for excessive bandwidth usage... So I need a provider with unmetered bandwidth, either 4 (4 core) servers with 1 GBPS unmetered ports, or a single server with 16 cores or higher and a 5 GBPS+ unmetered port (with my prefixes routed to them, I can try to do the BGP sessions myself if necessary). If you can recommend a provider who can do this for me, let me know. Please be aware that I will be using a lot of bandwidth 24/7, with a lot of open connections. Bare metal/dedicated servers are fine. $500-$600/mo budget, preferably less. We can test it out for a day (I can pay a little in advance which can be kept it even if it doesn't work out) if it's necessary to check if it'll put too much stress on their edge router.

So far I've contacted several providers on bgp.services trying to find someone who can do this, but the ones that have replied so far aren't in my preferred region and are pretty expensive. I also posted on reddit, and they told me to post here.

medium price managed dedicated server wthh cpanel for online auction

I am hosting 2 domain in a managed dedicated server. Recently experienced more downtime than usual. Among my 2 domain 1 is Online auction website with 2000 + members and always with live visitor 40 +..
Can you suggest me a web hosting company offer medium price managed server?

low end dedi in singapore

is there any server provider offering low end dedicated server with 1gbps dedicated port?
i need max 5tb monthly bandwidth.

Looking for dedicated server providers with price 50$->150$, in European countries

I am looking for and set up my server in European countries, I don't really know about many European providers, Please recommend me server providers in European countries
- Euro ( UK, DE, FR, RU, LV, NL,........ all )
- Bandwidth >100mbs
- Lowest cost: 50$->150$
Thank you, please leave a comment to help me <3

Hetzner Dedicated Server

an guy providing me hetzner dedicated server at 6800INR ( 76.91 EURO ) ( 93.22 USD )
here is configuration :-
-Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (3.8 ghz,boostable upto 4.5 ghz) (8 threads)
-ipv4 1 ip
-ipv6 (/64 subnet)
-Ram: 64 GB(ECC DDR4)
-Storage: 2x 512 GB high speed NVME SSD(m.2) (700mbps - 1.5gbps) (software raid included)
Port speed: dedicated 1GBps(unmetered)
- NIC 1 Gbit - Intel I210 (network controller)
Location :- Germany

i want the same server from hetzner directly. i searched in server auction but NIC is I219 did not find I210
anyone could tell is I219 is better than I210 or not? i am newbie
and the configuration he sent same config is available in hetzner or not?
and that guy said he have rack from hetzner, what about it??

i am asking in forum because i can get more knowledge and explaination here

please share your replies.

Best Dedicated Server Conditions

Hello, my name is David, new member

I'm recently learning about using server hosting or providing services.
And I realized that server hosting should also be provided to meet customer needs.

Below are the Top 5 picked from our own survey to learn more.
Server's stable operation, security, price, quick response, and data center location seem to be important values.
What do you think is most important in a dedicated server??

Please feel free to share your opinions and reasons. I would appreciate it

Looking for a server provider in EU, Unlimited Bandwidth, Except OVH & Hetzner

I am looking for a good server or vps provider except (Hetzner & OVH).
-Good support
-Good bandwidth:
-Good cost
*Hetzner & OVH: It's really good, but I want to find more powerful new providers to experience the service, and expand the servers in Europe.
Thank you, and leave me some reviews