Suggest EU dedicated server please


i need reliable dedicated (8+ servers) with:

- 4tb SSD / NVMe in total
- 128GB RAM
- 16+ cores (intel or AMD doesn't matter)

dual power supply and private vlan will be a bonus

bugdet is up to 300 EUR

now we with Hetzner / OVH but not satisfied with both of them

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Premium dedicated server provider?

Hi there,

Can people recommend premium dedicated server providers who take uptime seriously and offer IPMI, redundant power, private networks, EPYC Rome configurations with NVMe, etc?

We don't need uncapped public network interfaces -- 25TB total between all our servers is fine, but the private network needs to be 10G+.

We used to use SoftLayer before IBM bought them. We're currently hosted with a very premium provider in Chicago but we're not getting the service we used to get there.

OVH's latest "enterprise" dedicated configurations (HG) look pretty good but... has anyone used them? Is OVH decent?


Hetzner Dedicated Server

an guy providing me hetzner dedicated server at 6800INR ( 76.91 EURO ) ( 93.22 USD )
here is configuration :-
-Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (3.8 ghz,boostable upto 4.5 ghz) (8 threads)
-ipv4 1 ip
-ipv6 (/64 subnet)
-Ram: 64 GB(ECC DDR4)
-Storage: 2x 512 GB high speed NVME SSD(m.2) (700mbps - 1.5gbps) (software raid included)
Port speed: dedicated 1GBps(unmetered)
- NIC 1 Gbit - Intel I210 (network controller)
Location :- Germany

i want the same server from hetzner directly. i searched in server auction but NIC is I219 did not find I210
anyone could tell is I219 is better than I210 or not? i am newbie
and the configuration he sent same config is available in hetzner or not?
and that guy said he have rack from hetzner, what about it??

i am asking in forum because i can get more knowledge and explaination here

please share your replies.

Looking for a dedicated server with intel iGPU

I am looking for a dedicated server for plex which can do occasional HW transcoding.
I am looking for an unmanaged server
Processor: Intel Skylake or newer with iGPU
Disk: 512 - 1TB NVMe
RAM: 16GB+
Network: 1Gbps port with over 10TB - unlimited(preferred)
Location: US(preferred) or good peering to US
Currently looking at Hetzner EX42-NVME, so anything in that price range works for me.

Looking for USA Dedicated Server

Hey all,

I'm looking for suggestions for a new dedicated servers based East Coast USA, all my servers are European based so I don't know any good US based server companies. I'm in need of a server with

Atleast a 6c/12t CPU /Intel Xeon etc
Between 64GB & 128GB RAM
1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth
4TB Storeage (either 1x4TG or 2x2TB merged)
Ubuntu 18.04 OS (custom software for clients demands 18.04)

So suggestions welcome, but please no OVH or Hetzner suggestions as I don't use them, had bad experiences with both.


Searching Dedicated Server

Im searching for a dedicated server(s) with the following specs:
CPU: Any 6 core + ryzen cpu OR dual xeon E5 with atleast 16 cores / 32 threads
RAM: 64GB+
Storage: Atleast 512GB non hdd
GPU: Any nvidia gpu with atleast 1-2GB will do the job, i dont have any use for quicker and more expensive ones
Network: Dosent matter
Location: Dosent matter
Budget: The lower the better, im also looking for multiple servers at once

16 Core Dedicated Server - US & AU?


I am looking for a dedicated server provider that can preferably provide servers in both US and Australia. Happy to consider different providers if the prices are really good.

Minimum Requirements
16 Cores / 32 Threads @3.5Ghz+ (AMD Ryzen 3950X)
DDOS Mitigation

Looking for dedicated server in NY/NJ

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a dedicated server with low latency (<2ms) to the Equinox NY4 data centre.

H/W wise:

min 6c/12t (8c better)
64gb mem
400gb ssd/nvme
high SLA on network availability

I have my own Windows OS, so need to be able to install it remotely.

I do not need high bandwidth so even a low 100gb/month with 100mb/s connection is ok for me as long as it's reliable and latency is as close to 0 as possible with NY4 datacentre.

I have a Ryzen 6c with 64gb/960gb SSD from Hetzner in Germany, but the latency is not great for what I need As an FYI, I'm paying about 50USD for the Hetzner. I'm expecting to pay a bit more than Hetzner, but not to break my budget either.

Please can you recommend any providers?

Thank you kindly.

Can any hosting provider match Hetzner's price/product?

We've been with Hetzner for years and, while satisfied with the hardware and technical support and infrastructure, quite unhappy with support/sales/abuse departments where it always feels like they're doing one a favor in even answering and often make little effort to actually help.

So my question is if there's any hosting provider to match what they offer? We want to upgrade from our current servers and one type of servers we looked into are which you can get in Germany* for 39 EUR/month (plus 39EUR setup fee) (prices without VAT as we're outside EU). This is a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core which has a passmark > 17,000 and comes with 64GB RAM and 2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD. When I found something similar with OVH (slightly better CPU, 3600X instead of 3600), it 105 USD per month when committing to 24 months which is more than double.

Another type we were looking at is the

Anyway, any matching offers elsewhere? We can probably take some bandwidth limitation and cool with either EU or US locations.

*They have a center in Finland but when I did a bit of research it seemed it offers much worse network connectivity so while 5 EUR cheaper per server, doesn't seem to be worth the risk.

Fastcomet Dedicated server its really dedicated server

Dimitar H.
Customer support said they are proving a dedicated server with AMD EPYC 7501 Processors and We will get only 2 cores But AMD EPYC 7501 Processors 32 cores
He sends a screenshot

If anyone using their dedicated server please help me find help me about this issue

Looking for New Dedicated Host - WebNX Refugee

Hey Everyone,

I am in urgent need of a new Dedicated Server. I have a server with WebNX and they have been down for 16+ hours with no ETA's given.

Here is what I have with WebNX: Intel Xeon W-1290P, 128GB DDR4 ECC, 1.6TB NVMe, 1Gbps Port, 100TB, /29 (iGPU). (Utah)

I would like the server in the US preferably LA, UTAH, Seattle, Texas.

I am looking for something similar around.

Any hosts that have anything comparable would be great or any suggestion from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again.