Dedicated Server or Shared Server

Hello Everyone, I want to create a ecommerce website for my offline grocery store, the reason to create the online store is nowadays every things is going to online and the online market or ecommerce market growing day by day, my question is, which server is best for my online store i.e dedicated server or shared serve

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Which are the best dedicated server providers in UAE?

I am planning to purchase a dedicated server to virtualize with proxmox. I have gone through OVH and hetzner plans but I was more attracted to (scaleway dedibox) better than the first two. Have anyone used dedicated servers over UAE location? How is the speed? Please let me know which of these companies will be providing the best server and if you have any better suggestion (within the price range of these companies).

Any of these providers does not have any DC in UAE or GCC. As such, please do let me know the DC location to be selected along with the server provider.

medium price managed dedicated server wthh cpanel for online auction

I am hosting 2 domain in a managed dedicated server. Recently experienced more downtime than usual. Among my 2 domain 1 is Online auction website with 2000 + members and always with live visitor 40 +..
Can you suggest me a web hosting company offer medium price managed server?

Create Live Streaming server

I want create Streaming server, i have more than 100K online users.
this is the first time that i will use servers for Streaming, so i want know how many servers i need for this number of online users?
Will I find support that can equip servers and link them together?

Create Linux VPS on Windows (Hyper-V) Dedicated Server

Hi there,

I'm currently struggling with creating a VPS on a Dedicated server.

I've purchased quite a high spec Dedicated server which is running Windows 2019 with Hyper-V installed and I'm looking at installing Ubuntu 16.04 and running it as a VPS off of the Dedicated server so I can allow my friends to make use of the server. I've purchased a failover IP address and I've attached it to the main Dedicated server but I'm a bit confused on how I am suppose to tell Hyper-V to use the additional IP only in that one VM box.

Please feel free to burn me for my stupidity but I could really do with some advice - thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Jack R

Please help me choose a suitable server

one of my new clients needs to buy a new server. He runs a private school online. He runs all courses online. As he said he needs 40 TB monthly bandwidth . According to him , about 15000 students visit his courses every day. All of the course videos have been added to his website. But he does not do live streaming. Anybody can visit his website and watch those videos anytime. Can the following server meet his requirement ? I kindly request the advice of the experts here.

Supermicro 2xE5-2680v1
32GB 2x512GB SSD
100 Mbps Limit - Unmetered

West Coast USA WebNX Alternatives?

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday to Everyone :-)

I am seeking the advice/opinions of the WHT Community here. We were involved in the April 4th Data Center Fire up in Ogden, Utah. My server is back online, but now one of the Hard Drives is failing and I have to fight with the server daily to keep it online.

I am hoping that through your own personal experiences you can share with me your thoughts and suggestions of where one might look for a similar server at a cost effective price. Following is our current configuration:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2, 128GB DDR3 ECC, 2 x 10TB SAS HDD, HW RAID-1, 1Gbps Port, 100TB Outbound, /27. There is an onboard IPMI and they include our Windows Server 2019 Standard License.

I have put a few feelers out and everyone is around the $500/Month mark. We currently pay $244 and there is no way that I can come anywhere close to the $500 ask. Does anyone have any thoughts where I may find a similar server and be online quickly?

Your help is most definitely appreciated!

Looking for dedicated in France 50$-200$

Hi I am looking for a server rental provider in France, but not OVH, and (I am using, but I want to find new services)
The lowest price for a server from 50$->200$
Bandwidth >=200mbs
Thanks in advance for any direction you can offer.

my fault or hetzner

I have been hetzner customer for past 2 years. i run online online academy (online classes), for which i am using bigbluebutton.
monthly Bandwidth consumption is <1TB.
Processor EV-3 4 cores 8threads
32gb ram ECC
1gb NIC
raid 1 3TBx3

my only purpose of having dedicated server was dedicated 1gbps port that can handle over 60 concurrent users.

Their support is good, network WAS good as well.
But now i am having alot of ping drops and distortions in my class from past 1 month.

i have contacted hetzner and they have said that their network is running fine.

I have done few checks and it shows

root@Ubuntu-1604-xenial-64-minimal ~ # speedtest-cli
Retrieving configuration...
Retrieving server list...
Testing from Hetzner Online GmbH (
Selecting best server based on latency...
Hosted by (Frankfurt) [143.90 km]: 5.964 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 727.16 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 278.80 Mbit/s

| WinMTR statistics |
| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |
| broadcom.home - 0 | 792 | 792 | 3 | 5 | 171 | 6 |
| - 3 | 728 | 711 | 23 | 28 | 96 | 24 |
| - 4 | 709 | 686 | 24 | 35 | 168 | 26 |
| - 4 | 689 | 662 | 34 | 39 | 74 | 48 |
| - 4 | 690 | 663 | 34 | 39 | 87 | 45 |
| - 3 | 713 | 692 | 35 | 41 | 202 | 41 |
| - 3 | 716 | 696 | 145 | 152 | 214 | 170 |
| - 29 | 375 | 268 | 0 | 154 | 195 | 165 |
| - 3 | 715 | 695 | 149 | 156 | 349 | 153 |
| - 3 | 735 | 720 | 149 | 155 | 304 | 168 |
WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

Hetzner is saying that problem is out of their network so they cant do anything.
what should I do? should i shift to other host in USA or Canada? My current server is germany.
can anyone suggest affordable host <50USD

Frustrating situation with liquidweb

After 2 weeks working forth and back with Liquidwebs staff to secure our servers we have to give up.

The situation is that frustrating that we need to find a different hosting center for a managed dedicated server.

I was wondering if anyone know of companies reliable for a small ecommerce website?

If you can't suggest any here then maybe you can hint me what to look for?

We want the server to be located in Europe and has to be managed but with Plesk or cPanel.

Do I need a Dedicated Server?

I have been hosting my sites on my current hosting company for 7 years. TBH, I am happy with them most of the time.

Since they were sold to another company, the tech support is getting worse. Each time it takes a long time for them to figure out what's going on. They always said the problem is on my side. But it turns out all the issues I complained locate on the server side. I had enough with those offshore tech support.

The second thing is: on my current plan, the server blocked a lot of proxy/Tor access, maybe for anti-spamming or whatever. And host-tacker shows some "HostNotFound" results, which I have not seen it from my friend's sites (we both run the same type of sites). So I lost some traffic as well.

That's why I am thinking to move my sites out.

My site is not big. Currently, I have 2500-3000 unique visits/day, and bandwidth/m is about 700 GB. I am thinking to try a dedicated server plan this time. Then I will have the faster page loading speed, which means better SEO, I guess? Hopefully I can get more traffic and more visits. And I won't get bothered by bad neighbors any more.

I checked a few dedicated plans, can you tell me what these mean? esp WAN uplink and LAN Uplink? Should it be included in total bandwidth?

1,000 Megabit WAN Uplink
1,000 Megabit LAN Uplink
25,000 GB Included Transfer

I read some articles about Dedicated IP vs Shared IP. It seems Dedicated IP is better than Shared IP. But for a small site like mine, do I really need a dedicated server?

I am thinking of mojohost as some friends recommend them. Do they have a coupon or I can negotiate with them for a discount?

Any advises are appreciated.