Dual CPU vs Single CPU Dedicated Server

What is better a Dual CPU or Single CPU Dedicated Server at the same Benchmark Rating?

I have been searching for a new server to put CentOS 8 then cloudlinux on then move my websites and 4 clients over to it and I do not see a lot of Dual CPU servers.

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Searching Dedicated Server

Im searching for a dedicated server(s) with the following specs:
CPU: Any 6 core + ryzen cpu OR dual xeon E5 with atleast 16 cores / 32 threads
RAM: 64GB+
Storage: Atleast 512GB non hdd
GPU: Any nvidia gpu with atleast 1-2GB will do the job, i dont have any use for quicker and more expensive ones
Network: Dosent matter
Location: Dosent matter
Budget: The lower the better, im also looking for multiple servers at once

Looking for a dedicated server to run my Email Marketing business

I am in need of a dedicated server for my business which will be running a white-label version of Mailwizz.

The amount of clients is approx 25 and growing daily.

These clients run various websites, blogs, membership clubs, create courses etc etc..

They have email lists that range anywhere between 5k to 500k subscribers.

The server I need WILL NOT be in charge of sending email to these lists. It's main purpose is housing the self-hosted email marketing application Mailwizz.

I am looking for a quality host that can handle the following requirements to run Mailwizz:
- Linux operating system
- Apache/Nginx webserver
- PHP >= 5.2
- MySQL/MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine
- Cron Jobs access (linux crons not web crons please)

My budget is around $150-200/mo for a single dedicated CPU. I can allocate more of a budget if you think dual cpu is necessary.

I have these in mind:

MOJOHOST FAST E3-2: Xeon 4 Cores 8 Threads, 2 Storage Bays - $159
E3 Intel Xeon CPU
4/8/8M Cores/Threads/Cache
3.2/3.9 Gigahertz (min/max)
16 GB DDR3 1600 ECC RAM
(2) 1 TB Enterprise HDD Storage
(2) Total Drive Bays
1,000 Megabit WAN Uplink
1,000 Megabit LAN Uplink
25,000 GB Included Transfer
.01 Cost per GB Over

MOJOHOST FAST E3-6: Xeon 4 Cores 8 Threads, 6 Storage Bays - $199
E3 Intel Xeon CPU
4/8/8M Cores/Threads/Cache
3.2/3.9 Gigahertz (min/max)
16 GB DDR3 1600 ECC RAM
(4) 1 TB Enterprise HDD Storage
RAID CARD Optional
(6) Total Drive Bays
1,000 Megabit WAN Uplink
1,000 Megabit LAN Uplink
25,000 GB Included Transfer
.01 Cost per GB Over

Intel 2276G
6 cores, 12 threads
32 GB
480G SSD or 2TB HDD
40 TB

I am even considering a Ryzen setup from either ProlimeHost or Hivelocity which has servers using EPYC. Although I am not sure if it's wise to go with consumer-grade hardware for this setup?

This is the one from ProlimeHost:
AMD Ryzen 3700x
8 cores 16 threads
64 GB
480G SSD or 2TB HDD
40 TB

DatabaseByDesignLLC also has a special going on for a dual cpu server with 96gb ram although they are using an older X5560 cpu.

Not sure if that's too outdated though...

96GB + SSD Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Specifications:
Dual Quad Core
96GB ECC DDR3 Memory
1x 240GB SSD
1Gbps Public Network Port
100TB Premium Bandwidth
1 Public IPv4 Address
Remote Access Card (IPMI)

Migrating clients websites from VPS to Dedicated server with no downtime


I have 50+ Cpanel accounts on my VPS, I'm looking to migrate to a dedicated server from another provider,
I want to know if there's a way to migrate from the VPS to the new server with no downtime?
I have access to most of my client's domain names, also most of my clients are using Cloudflare (My account).
Can anyone advise me on what's the best approach here?

Thank you.

Server Specs for home dedicated server

Hi all,

I'm new here and this my first post

So I'd like to get my own dedicated server and set it up at home to be used for games only but I have no idea what kind of specs that is needed when it comes to servers and the distribution of system resources such as CPU, RAM etc. Storage is self explained obviously.
I'm looking to host like a Minecraft server, 7 days to die server, Rust server etc but in general, if possible to say, how many game servers can you run on a single machine?
What is a good server Intel Xeon CPU these days that is not overkilling my needs to run a few game servers on the machine? Is 64 GB of RAM enough to start with?
What is best for my needs when it comes to the server type like a tower or a rack?

I'm just trying to get an estimated cost to set this all up and i'm a bit overwhelmed what is enough and not so my apologies if I don't provide much information so if you need any more details in order to assist, let me know and I'd be happy to be more specific in the topic .
Internet speed is not an issue as I have 1 Gbit up and down.

Thanks in advance!

Looking for several dedicated servers in USA

We currently use Tailor Made Servers for one of our servers. We have 5 more with Rackspace.

We run virtual machines on these servers. Here are the specs we have:

Dual Xeon E5-2620v3
~12 additional ip addresses
22000 Gigs Bandwidth (currently)

Initially, we are looking for one dedicated server. If the network and server are stable then we'll look at moving the other servers with it.

We are looking to combine them at one location. The reason why we are looking for new servers is that Tailor Made Servers doesn't give us enough bandwidth and we are being charged for additional bandwidth. We are paying $384.00 a month for what we currently have not including bandwidth overage charges.

Not sure if I'm missing anything. I'll respond accordingly if so.


Suggest EU dedicated server please


i need reliable dedicated (8+ servers) with:

- 4tb SSD / NVMe in total
- 128GB RAM
- 16+ cores (intel or AMD doesn't matter)

dual power supply and private vlan will be a bonus

bugdet is up to 300 EUR

now we with Hetzner / OVH but not satisfied with both of them

Dedicated Server or Bare Metal Server

What is the actual meaning of Dedicated servers ? ok the answer is a dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server. So that mean VPS also a dedicated server. We used that word a decade ago for Bare Metal Servers. I think we should correct the WHT category as Bare Metal Servers. This is just a suggestion. What do you think about that ?

Why should I use CloudLinux on my webserver?

Is it really that great? Is it necessary?

On a dedicated server with cpanel/whm and 50-200 different websites hosted on it. (standard business sites - no gaming, radio, streaming etc)

Why should we add CloudLinux?

Server Resource Management


I am starting my own business selling game servers. I am going to purchase a dedicated server monthly, install tcadmin to automatically allocate resources to new customers buying their own servers for various different video game titles. How will I know when my first dedicated server will reach its limit? In other words how will I know what prices/plans to set to flip a profit on my first dedicated server?

Any help would be appreciated.


Looking for some suggestions regarding CPU selection

I am planning to upgrade my current, very old server (Dual E5-2430 Xeons, 12 cores/24 HT with SATA SSDs) which has been doing duty as a shared hosting server for around 400 websites. Have noticed slow website loading times. 95% sites are using PHP/MySQL(Wordpress).

From the time I got the server and now, so many new CPUs have come out and looks like the xeon e3/e5 lines have been discontinued. Dual scalable silver/gold xeon servers are out of my budget, so the only alternative is a E-2288G or a W-1290P (more interested in this one) xeon with NVMe drives. Passmark scores for these servers are much higher than my current one, but moving to these new servers will mean a downgrade in the number of cores.

Looking for some personal experiences with these E-2288G/W-1290P CPUs, so that I am not actually getting a downgrade by changing servers.

I don't need more than 64GB of RAM and a 2x2TB NVMe SSD is fine.